English to Japanese Live Interpretation Professional Tetsuya Kato

Member since August 22, 2013

I am a Japanese-English interpreter/translator with an engineering background, who has an extensive experience with handling intense technical meetings at leading organizations (Honda, Toyota, Nissan, Bombardier, Canadian government, Toshiba, JETRO, Washington Post, Queen’s University, etc). In all these cases, the clients were very satisfied with both my interpreting and technical understanding of the subject. I do not simply “translate” word for word, but rather first “understand” the technical content and then translate. Also, I learned English at a very young age in the UK, and am capable of deciphering subtle nuances in the language. With my semi-simultaneous interpreting, you will feel as if your Japanese clients/colleagues are speaking to you in clear English.

Key facts:

-18 years of experience.

-Fields: automotive, electronics, semiconductors, manufacturing, machinery, mechanical parts, nuclear, kaizen, aerospace, mineral exploration, rare earths, IT, geology, science&engineering in general.

-Full capability of performing highly accurate semi-simultaneous interpreting under extremely high-tension and/or complicated circumstances (R&D level subjects, conflicts/disputes, tight deadlines, board meetings, etc).

- Working experiences as an electronic engineer and a geochemist (detailed list of subjects in below).

- Technical understanding of the operating principles, manufacturing, and testing of diverse electronic and mechanical components used in the industry.

-Ability to absorb large amount of technical knowledge on very short notice.

-Accent-free, succinct speech that can be clearly heard in noisy factory environments.


-Ph.D. candidate, University of Toronto. /2000 - 2002(withdrawn).

-MS in Geosciences, Queen's University. / 1997.

-MS in Geosciences, The Pennsylvania State University. /1995.

-B. ENG. in Electronics, Nihon University/Tokyo. /1985.


-University of Toronto scholarship. 2000-2002

-Award by MMSA (Mining and Metallurgical Society of America). /1995.

-Reinhardt Full Scholarship, Queen's University /1995-96.

-The Pennsylvania State University, Teaching Assistant /1989-91.

-The Rotary International Foundation Graduate Full Scholarship /1988.

PC SKILLS: High level in all areas (Windows OS, Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Photoshop, Outlook, Maya). Experience with technical software on mainframe computers..



Trace element analysis and morphological studies in zircons using LA-ICP-MS, TOF-SIMS, CL, and BSE (Ph.D. project).

Understanding of the use of zircons in nuclear waste disposal.

Hydrothermal chemistry: Chemistry of: ore formation (especially gold), metal transport/speciation, alteration, and zoning.

Low temperature chemistry: Weathering and trace metal transport/speciation in the surficial environments.

Experience (including operation in most cases) with: SEM, XRF, AA, XPS, IRS, various chromatographic analysis, and neutron activation.

Research related to light assisted vapor phase deposition of amorphous semiconductors and their structural evaluation using XPS (B.Engineering thesis).


Geochemical and biogeochemical exploration for lateritic gold deposits in the Amazon Basin, Brazil (MS thesis at Pennsylvania State Univ.). Design and execution of chemical/statistical analysis and data interpretation related to 32 elements in both soils and vegetation.

Experience with design, execution, and data interpretation related to geochemical surveys. My work is aimed at producing geologically meaningful information from "chemical data".

Experience with data processing and statistical analysis and familiarity with IBM mainframe, Unix, VAX/PDP and related software (SAS, ProbPlot, MINTEQ (mineral chemistry software, etc.). With my engineering background, I have a good understanding of how statistical methods work and how they should be used.

Interpretation of lithology, mineralization, and metamorphic grade using reflected/transmitted light microscopy.

Logging and interpretation of soil profiles.