Korean to English Translation Professional Vanes Naldi

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Member since October 06, 2015

I've been involved with content creation and translation since the early 2000's, when I started writing for a popular Korean film blog. From there I matured experience in successful blogs like Twitchfilm, online retailers like YesAsia, forums like Soompi, and print publications like Dramatique -- all of which involved translation either directly or indirectly. I have also contributed directly (translation, timing, editing) and coordinated the release of over 500 hours of Korean television, not to mention translating here at VerbalizeIt and other agencies.

I possess great linguistic versatility. I'm fluent in Korean and English, and an Italian native speaker. I also have conversational French and Spanish skills..

Although my specialty is Korean culture, language and entertainment, I can easily adapt to any subject because of my love for research.





TOEFL Master's Degree in Social Media Marketing Master's Degree in Digital and Social Media Marketing Digital Marketing Specialization