English to Russian Translation Professional Victoria Kachkaeva

Member since November 23, 2015

Hi! I'm a freelance translator willing to obtain new jobs. Qualified professional English-Russian translator with excellent communication and interpersonal skills. Hard-working, friendly and communicative.

Working freelance for translation agencies providing translation and interpretation services to clients. I provide translations from English and German into Russian and ensure that the finished translation corresponds to the intended message as clearly as possible.

During my work I participated in various translations projects for the international and Russian translation agencies, including software localization, translations on the sphere of IT. Recently I discovered for myself a new field of interest – sound production and creation of electronic music on my PC, and as I have all the necessary sound recording equipment, I'm interested in translation of movies and providing voiceover of videos and advertising.




High School

Diploma of higher professional education (issued in 2008 by Rostov Institute of Feoreing languages)