English to Italian Translation Professional Vittorio Rossi

Member since November 09, 2015

I have spent almost four decades working in the Information Technology area, both as a software consultant, and as a freelance journalist, author and translator, contributing to several magazines.

I currently live in UK and work as a Lead Consultant for a software company in London.

My long experience and wide knowledge in the Information Technology industry, paired with my skills as an author of books, articles and documents, allow me to offer a top level service when it comes to translating any kind of document, manual or book related to IT.

Here is a quick summary of my experiences:

• Translator for IT magazines since 1987

• Journalist and author of technical books since 1984

• Software Programmer, Analyst and Consultant since 1976

• Certified SAP Consultant and Teacher since 2000.

Translation experience

• 1987 to 2004: Translator of articles from Computerworld and PCWorld USA, to be published on the corresponding Italian versions of these magazines.

• 1991: Translator of Computer Associates Compete User Manual (over 600 pages).

• 1987: Technical coordinator of a project based on one of the first Computer Aided Tools, to translate documents and manuals for Barclays Bank in Italy.

Publishing experience

• 1985: Author of the book “Personal computer: come non perdere un’occasione”, published in Italy by Il Rostro.

• 1987 to 2004: Free lance journalist: my articles and interviews were published by Computerworld Italia and PC World Italia.

• 1997: Technical coordinator of the project “Instant English”, an English language course on DVD, created by Peter Panton and published by Garzanti.

Training experience

• Teacher at SAP Italia, with over 1000 days of training courses, all based on English manuals.

Software Consultant experience

• Dozens of projects, in roles ranging from Programmer to Project Manager.

• During the last 15 years, I’ve been working mainly around SAP technology, both as a Certified Teacher and as a Senior Consultant.

• As part of this job, I often write technical documentation (Feasibility Studies, Functional and Technical Analysis, User Manuals, etc.) both in English and in Italian.

Software knowledge

• Deep knowledge and practical skills in several programming languages, from the old Fortran and Cobol, to the most recent Object Oriented Programming methodologies and Web developments.

• 15 years of experience teaching and using SAP ABAP.

• Hands-on experience in productivity tools, like Microsoft Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Project.

• Use of Omega T, a CAT (Computer Aided Translation) software, based on the TM (Translation Memory) paradigm.

Hobbies and other skills

• Robotics: I have released several open source programs for Parallax Basic Stamp microcontrollers.

• Artificial Intelligence: I am the founder of the Virtual Humans Forum (www.virtualhumanforum.com), active since 2005. My plug-ins have been included in the standard release of Ultra Hal Assistant, a conversational system based on artificial intelligence technology.

• Science Fiction: I have stored hundreds of science fiction books on my e reader and spend most of my free time (while travelling by airplane or train, for example) reading them.




High School

SAP ABAP Certification 2000 (Agrate, ID 0002373313) . SAP SBO Dev.Kit 6.2 2003 (Walldorf, ID 25028570).