English to Simplified Chinese Live Interpretation Professional Wen-shuan Yang

Member since July 03, 2013

Hello everyone! My name is Wen-shuan Yang. I was born and grew up in Taiwan. I have been living in the States for over 20 years. Among those 20 years, I have also lived in Montreal, Canada for 6 years. I speak fluently in Mandarin and Taiwanese because of my background, and also basic French from living and working in a French speaking environment for 6 years.

I understand completely the frustration of not understanding what is going on and not being able to express myself as I wish. It's a privilege living in cities where there are so many diverse cultures. Just being on the street of New York, I have been constantly approached by Mandarin speakers asking for direction or help. When I'm at the airport, I always enjoy helping travelers who seem to have trouble communicating.

I have an interracial relationship, which gives me many experiences to translate for both my and my husband's family. My mother works in travel business, so I have also helped out with my mom as interpreter while touring a foreign country or attending international conferences.

I look forward to being a part of Verbaliz.


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