English to Spanish Translation Professional Yasmina Diaz Sanchez

Member since April 18, 2017

I am a qualified translator/interpreter with a Post grade in Translation and Interpretation for the Public Services and more than 20 years of experience. As well as translator/editor, I have a large experience as a Multimedia tester; Audio, Function and Layout tester for multimedia apps, webpages and eLearning courses, as well as voice-over projects.

My specialization fields are: Marketing (products description, websites,...) Business, Education (eLearning), Human Resources (Communications, Training), Public Services, Medical and Legal (general) and SAP systems. I work for several European translation agencies in Ireland, Germany, Holland and US especialized in different business areas; legal, educational, tourism, business, marketing and also automobile, like Daimler.

I’m a proactive person and I am trained to pay attention to details. I’ve also worked as Team leader and Project Manager in translation agencies.

Due to my location in Europe, I am able to offer “overnight” translation with a reasonable volume, to companies based in US/outside Europe. I am also available to work at weekends on request.

If you have a translation project in any of the subjects above, I'll be happy to collaborate with you!

I always offer reliable & accurate translations!





Post grade in Translation & Interpretation for Public Services