Turkish to Turkish Transcription Professional Özdenİz PektaŞ

Member since October 26, 2015

I am native Turkish speaker based in Istanbul, Turkey. My four-year long post-graduate education in the UK enabled me to have good command of English. I have lived both in Manchester (1 year) and in London (3 years). I studied pre-master course (Public Policy) at the King's College London and PhD (Politics) at the Salford University and the Middlesex University.

Some of Recently Completed Projects:

• First aid App. (Mobile Phone Application) + 7000 Words

• Android Studio training videos +2 Hours (subtitling)

• Advanced mathematics software training videos +1 (transcription)

• TermWiki: online terminology database (http://en.termwiki.com/) +3000 Words/200 terms (including medical, law, engineering, technical, advertisement, animals, TV, etc.)

TermWiki profile: http://en.termwiki.com/User/ozdeniz

• Translation of the summaries of the ‘freedom of expression cases in Turkey’ for the IFEX conference, 20th -24th October 2015. (Turkish to English) +12.000 Words (Human Rights/law)

• The Role of Teacher Assistance in Children’s Construction of Intersubjectivit During Conflict Resolution (Child Education/Pedagogy) +7000 Words

• Documents related to freedom of thought and expression on the website http://www.dusuncesuclarimuzesi.net/?s=giris (Human Rights/Law) +13.000 Words

• Journal and magazine pieces of various kinds (Journalism) + 8000 Words