English to Serbian Translation Professional Zdravka Asanin

Member since November 12, 2015

I am multi-skilled, reliable person, able to work under the pressure, and with short deadlines, with a positive attitude when fast and accurate reaction is mandatory. With a proven ability to translate written documents from a source language to a target language, who quick learn and can absorb new ideas and communicate clearly and effectively with people from all social and professional backgrounds. Well mannered, articulate and fully aware of diversity and multicultural issues, being flexible in the ability to adapt to challenges when they arise and at the same time remaining aware of professional roles and boundaries.

I have extensive knowledge of technical phraseology/terminology ensuring the correct translation is used.

Above noted is firmly founded on fact that I have 6 years work experience in translating/interpreting at industry (processes, machines and materials). Meaning, but not limited to: datasheets, bulletins, manuals, ans so on, related to metallurgy, metal processing, galvanization, surface protection, pyrotechnics, electronics, welding , heat treatments, etc.

I have a great knowledge relating to Sale/Purchase of machines and materials different assignment, as also subsequent production of herein applicable records (sales/purchase projections, inventory lists, etc....).

Able to do translation of the most of law related documents (contracts, certificates, Rule books, corporate documents. etc...)

I am very committed to communication with clients, willing to discuss any unclear points.As a project manager I was confronted with the day to day challenges and requirements of different translation/interpreting projects.

I have a large experience in translation of medical texts, articles related to many disorders and deceases (relating to Cardiology, Cerebral system, Dermatology, etc...)

I'm a fast learner who can incorporate fairly well in various working environments.




College Degree