English to Arabic Transcription Professional Zoubair Khouaja

Member since November 01, 2015

Ph.D. candidate in Public Debt Policies, University Hassan 1st.

I speak Arabic, English, French and currently I learn Spanish and Indonesian.

My ambition for translating is coming from been living in different countries, which help me, for sure, to learn several languages, in better ways; from local people and local books and media.

My long experience in translating start with a previous volunteering job in my university and with my NGO for a period of 3 years, I also got the chance to work part time with a translation agency last 2 years, which sharp my translating skills and upgrade it to professional.

Translation for me is not only a job that I can do but it's also a way of learning, I really enjoy discovering information or histories ... in every new articles or videos that I translate, which motivate me to look up into internet, books or ask friends more about the subject and the content of the document that I work on, so I can offer a very professional work always.




Doctorate Degree