Automated Audio and Document Translation

“They’ve become our ‘go to’ resource for on-demand language translation.” —Rodney Holm, COO of Qualvu

Their suite of applications enable businesses to gain more consumer feedback with less cost, without sacrificing any of the qualitative benefits of face-to-face interaction that deliver the true voice of customer insights.

Using Qualvu, researchers gather focus group-caliber consumer thoughts and opinions in any online setting from video diary sessions, to any web survey platform, and even to video responses automatically solicited from within a website. Qualvu enables businesses to make informed, accurate decisions based on candid consumer feedback.

Qualvu’s Challenge

Qualvu enables companies to obtain some of the best survey responses available, but they needed to expand beyond being an English platform. Often Qualvu faces language barriers as they gather data from individuals who speak different languages or have customers who wanted their data presented in another language. Qualvu requires a partner that can seamlessly fit into their platform and provide the quality and speed of translation needed for their customers.

VerbalizeIt’s Solution: Automated Audio and Document Translation

Today, Qualvu uses VerbalizeIt’s human-powered platform and API to fully automate their audio and document translation. With translators located in every time zone, VerbalizeIt is able to help Qualvu go global and reach people all over the world.

Qualvu Today

Qualvu’s translation needs are now seamlessly handled by the VerbalizeIt platform. As a company, they know exactly how fast their data will be translated and can work more efficiently, with a broader and more diverse client base.
“We consistently have a great experience working with VerbalizeIt. They are organized, innovative and easy to work with. Their project management team is consistent, clear and prompt with their communication.

“As an organization, I feel that they are always working to anticipate our needs as a business. They are flexible and responsive – reacting quickly to project inquires or product requests. Most recently, in expanding their network of interpreters to a broader population of languages and dialects, they’ve become our ‘go to’ resource for on-demand language translation.”
—Rodney Holm, COO of Qualvu