The Future of Language Service Providers Lies in Technology and Quality

Translation Roundtable

Earlier this month, we hosted a dozen language service providers in our offices here in New York City for a roundtable breakfast. We exchanged ideas and perspectives around the translation project lifecycle from sourcing to submission to execution. We discussed every angle of the translation business and worked together on finding greater efficiencies in our highly disaggregated market.

The bagels were fresh, coffee was flowing and the conversation was spirited. Here are the two topics we determined were most critical to improving language services: technology and quality.

Software, or technology, is slowly but surely consuming our world, and the translations industry is no exception. As language service providers struggle to stand out, we all agreed that technology is the key differentiator in providing unique services to our customers. We’re going to continue working on eliminating the traditional project management approach in favor of faster, more cost-effective and reliable project delivery experience. We’re also going to continue working on enhancing the quality of translation through technology as our translators share cloud-based translation memories and glossaries, which brings us to our second point…

No matter how sophisticated the technology gets, we cannot lose sight of quality. During the roundtable breakfast, our conversations always ended with “but we can’t overlook quality.” Just like the importance of tying your health to a quality doctor, ensuring your content is translated flawlessly and localized correctly is critical when committing to a new language. Do you really want to get your website translated, only to find out you have made a fool of your company? Or, even worse, offended your target customers? Fortunately, quality is one of our core values and remains central to everything we do.

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