Tone from the Top: Executive Leadership from the Inside-Out

VerbalizeIt CEO Ryan Frankel speaks to company leadership in a globalizing world.

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The global economy in recent years has been a roller coaster. Businesses big and small have focused their efforts, pared down excess expenditures, and opened themselves to the global marketplace. One common link across industries has been a focus on efficiency rather than overall quantity. How do you make sure your employees are working to their greatest potential, your company is targeting the right consumers, and that your executives are cultivating the right type of culture?

In their recent collaborative study, Reducing the Impact of Language Barriers, Forbes and Rosetta Stone reported that eighty-four-percent of executives at international firms believe that employees are more efficient when spoken to in their native language. Additionally, the same rule of thumb applies to consumers. Allowing employees and customers to find your business in their native language and helping the two constituencies connect with one another in a common language—both from an employee-to-consumer and consumer-to-employee perspective—is paramount to growing an international business.

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The same Forbes and Rosetta Stone study showed that sixty-five-percent of executives at international firms face language barriers in managing their global workforce. These barriers come in a myriad of forms ranging from speech, to tone, to inflection, to facial expressions to contextual understanding. They account for the core components of human communication which, as demonstrated by McGill University Faculty of Medicine, have been proven to outweigh the importance of language when examining human communication. It is therefore safe to assume executives who allow employees to couple their common cultural understandings and expressions with their native language are in fact leading more efficient employees than their competitors’ employees. Building a business culture that embraces the core components of human communications allows for employees to focus their energies on what executives want: higher-levels of efficiency and engagement with today’s global economy. 

-VerbalizeIt CEO, Ryan Frankel

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