Top Three Ways to Turbocharge Your (Awesome) Marketing Video

There is no denying it. A well-made marketing video can be a huge asset to your brand and company. Just ask Michael Dublin, the CEO and star of the Dollar Shave Club marketing video, widely regarded as one of the best executed marketing videos ever. 

In an interview with Entrepreneur magazine, Dublin talks about leveraging his network to create the video for a mere $4,500. We say mere, as the video has amassed a whopping viewership of over 12 million since its launch in March 2012. We’re not one to ascribe much financial value to video views or Facebook likes, but it is probably safe to say that Dublin broke even on this ad, and then some. 

For those of us not gifted with inherently viral products, or with Dublin’s professional network or good looks, there is still hope! Once you’ve arrived at your best marketing video, here are three small investments to consider to turbocharge the value of your marketing video.

#3 KISS (Keep It Short, Stupid)

The explosive growth of Vine’s six-second videos is a great indicator of how we are becoming increasingly ADD as a race. As further food for thought, consider the chart below, showing average daily views of the thirty most viral YouTube videos, against the length of these videos.


This analysis is highly flawed, as it doesn’t control for anything other than number of views. However, it should plant the seed that shorter may be better.

Once you have created your marketing video, ensure that you create and test several shorter versions of the video to see what inspires the most action and “virality” from your customers. The concept of A/B testing with minor alterations is widely employed on marketing websites, and if used effectively, can drive significant incremental value from your marketing videos.

#2. Video Powers Search Results, Captions Power Video

Google’s well-document emphasis on “Blended Results” – use of both video and text in search ranking – provides an incredible opportunity to rank high on search results by leveraging video. So, post your marketing video to YouTube and follow all the fantastic online advice about appropriately naming and tagging your video, and you’re half way there.

However, to make the most of your video’s ability to drive search, power your video with captions- text transcripts that are superimposed on, and show as your video plays. Why does this help? Without getting scientific, text associated with your video helps Google recognizes your video as high quality content, and allows your video to be placed higher in search results.

In addition, consider the following benefits of captioning in increasing viewership of your video:

1. Several people watch videos while at work, and can follow your video without sound.
2. Hearing-impaired individuals can now watch your video

YouTube offers automatic machine-generated transcripts, which are free but often highly flawed. Consider investing a small amount in human-powered transcripts through on-demand platforms like VerbalizeIt, that can turn around quality transcripts in less than 24 hours.

#1. Go Global

Perhaps the most astounding YouTube statistic is that 60% of video viewers are from outside the US. Couple this with research that individuals are 70% more likely to purchase a product in their native language, making your video available in foreign languages is a great way to boost its value to a previously untapped audience.

YouTube leverages machine translation to convert your transcripts into other languages. However, machine translation is highly flawed and may produce epic failures like the one below:


Again, on-demand translation platforms like VerbalizeIt can provide human-powered translations and voiceovers within 24 hours to maintain the quality and context of your marketing videos, and open up new opportunities to for your business.

Unless your product or concept is inherently viral, even the best and most expensive marketing videos can sit untouched in the ether of cyberspace. Make sure you go the extra mile to maximize the discoverability and accessibility of your videos, and you may just give Michael Dublin a run for his money!

VerbalizeIt provides on-demand access to human-powered captioning, translation and voiceover of video content. Start your first transcription for as little as $1.50/ media minute here.

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