Translating Legal Documents into Any Language

Language Barrier in the Legal Industry

Legal services span a myriad of industries from healthcare to business and policy-making. In response to our interconnected global economy, the international legal industry is looking to expand its language offerings and reach new clients in new legal systems. As emerging markets find themselves more deeply intertwined with developed nations, international litigations continue to grow more frequent and firms of all sizes must remain ready to navigate across language barriers.

The Problems Law Firms Face

Legal “discovery” can cost time and money. Most of the documents are written in different languages and need to be reviewed and translated in a time-sensitive manner. Pursuing litigation in an international context without language support often ends in exhausted budgets and eventually settling at a loss. Moreover, the lack of a comprehensive solution ensuring both quality and quick turnaround time remains a persistent issue for litigators.

VerbalizeIt’s Legal Language Solution

VerbalizeIt’s network of specialized translators and interpreters combine the necessary blend of legal expertise and localized knowledge to deliver accurate and timely legal translation at scale. VerbalizeIt’s offers include: e-discovery, document review, and customized support for managing workflow at a competitive price point for any law firm. 

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Translating Legal Files

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