White Labeled Live-Interpretation Services

“Our relationship with VerbalizeIt has helped TripLingo ‘super-charge’ our products with an incredible tool for our customers.”

TripLingo is the ultimate tool to help you overcome barriers when traveling. They believe language should be enjoyable, it should be learned the way it’s actually spoken, including the idioms, slang, and vernacular that color a language and add to its beauty, and they believe that language learning (or any learning, really), should be tailored to the unique needs of the learner.

VerbalizeIt’s Solution: Live-Interpretation Services

Today TripLingo empowers their international customers to travel with confidence using VerbalizeIt’s white-labeled live-interpretation services. Taken together, VerbalizeIt and TripLingo have made a travel experience in an app, from listing the best restaurants to knowing there is someone on call to translate when asking for directions.