‘Twas the night before Shark Tank

Less than 24 hours from the big airing, our co-founder and CEO, Ryan Frankel, decided to write a sonnet about the night before Shark Tank.

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‘Twas the night before Shark Tank, when all through the house
Not a VerbalizeIt team member was sleeping, not even a spouse.
The translators were waiting by the phone with care,
In the hopes that Shark Tank soon would air.

Our translators were prepared for what might be said,
With visions of happy traveler phone calls in their heads.
Our new website, business platform and community ready to go
We all felt that it was time to start the show.

With months of hard work, sweat and tears behind us
How bad could it be, seven million viewers, what’s the fuss?
When out in social media arose such a roar,
It was our fans shouting, “We’re ready for the war!”

And why not be excited for the show?
After all, for travelers and global businesses, it’s VerbalizeIt you should know
When, all of a sudden what to my wondering eyes should come through?
A batch of emails from our proud crew.

With 5,000 translators in our community to-date
Job creation was the item on the slate
“Thank you for building this platform” was the reflection!
With VerbalizeIt, I’m honored to make a language connection.

“Now Mark! now, Kevin and Mr. John to the Tank!
On, Barbara! On, Robert!, Let’s go to the bank!
To the Taj Mahal and to the Great Barrier Reef!
Now get ready! Get ready, get ready good grief!

With hours to go, final preparations were made
A battle with the Sharks about to be played
What’s not reflected in the eight minutes of the show
Is the thousands of hours already in tow

So proud of my team I couldn’t be more
It’s time to get ready for the big score
And just before sun-up, I let out a call
Congratulations on your hard work. Congratulations to all!

Tune in to ABC May 17th at 9pm EST to see how VerbalizeIt deals with the Sharks. Oh, one more thing, Erika the young woman on the show (one of our very first translators) just recently said “Yes” to Ryan’s marriage proposal.  So cute!

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