VerbalizeIt and Skype in the Classroom

Skype in the Classroom

We are proud to announce that VerbalizeIt is now a partner of Skype in the Classroom!

Skype in the classroom is an educational initiative from Skype to help connect students across the globe as well as bring experts in various fields into classrooms across the world.  VerbalizeIt has partnered with Skype in the Class Room in two ways:

  1. Teachers can integrate our human translators into their classrooms live! This would enable students to practice learning another language with a fluent speaker or allow classes to listen to presentations in foreign languages and have our translators  translate the presentation live.  The possibilities are endless…
  2. Students anywhere in the world can learn from the experts on our team!  VerbalizeIt founders Ryan Frankel and Kunal Sarda have made themselves available to teach students across the world about entrepreneurship and what it’s like to build a cutting-edge technology company.

Are you a teacher or student who would love one of these VerbalizeIt projects for your classroom? Check out our projects direction on Skype in the Classroom, then contact us today.

More about Skype in the Classroom:

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