VerbalizeIt Android App!

The VerbalizeIt iPhone application has been in the app store for some time now and we’re happy to announce that it’s Android cousin is now LIVE!!!

Android users can now use the VerbalizeIt application to instantly connect to a live human translator.


VerbalizeIt: Human-Powered Universal Translator

Worried about facing the language barrier during your next overseas trip or in your everyday business or personal conversations? Or do you simply want to learn a second language? Welcome to VerbalizeIt- the world’s most affordable human-powered universal translator! Never again does language need to be a barrier in any conversation.

VerbalizeIt turns your Android device into a human translator! Instantly speak another language by connecting to human translators who can communicate on your behalf. Simply select the language pair you need help with and click “Translate!”, and you are instantly connected to one of thousands of translators around the world. Put your phone on speaker, start talking, and hear your words in another language spoken by your personal translator!

Who are VerbalizeIt translators? These are students, stay at home parents, retirees- people around the world who speak multiple languages and have a passion for helping others. So when you use VerbalizeIt, not only do you get amazing translations, you also help create job opportunities around the world!


• Instantly connect to real human translators
• Try five minutes of free translation between English and Spanish
• Upgrade your plan to translate between English and Spanish, Portuguese, Mandarin, French and Hindi! More languages coming soon
• VerbalizeIt translations can be done over either voice or data (3G/ Wi-Fi) networks! Switch between voice and data with the flip of a button to minimize charges while overseas

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