VerbalizeIt Translator Earns over $550 in Two Days!

Here at VerbalizeIt, our translators never cease to amaze us. One of our top translators, Judy Cheng, recently earned over $550 in two days!

Judy, who translates Chinese and Spanish into English (and vice-versa), tells us that she often translates through VerbalizeIt for Skype, “Skype is a great program to use, and I use it with a lot of students. I do a little bit of translations, but mostly language lessons. I work with the students to better their pronunciations and grammar. ”

One of Judy’s favorite translation tasks was a recent one she completed about women’s skincare and makeup, “It was very interesting for me and I learned quite a few tips!”

We asked Judy how fellow translators can maximize their income potential and she offered the following great advice:
“Translators need to take pride in their work. You have to be punctual and understand the importance of deadlines, and when a project needs to be done before a certain time, it NEEDS to be done, no excuses. Once you’re late, you are not only affecting your reputation, but the company you work for as well.  By proving that you possess great work ethics, you’ll get more work.”

Judy’s most unforgettable translation?  ”The most interesting, unforgettable translation I’ve ever done was on Skype. I had to help a wife and a husband translate what each other were saying. The wife was from China, and the husband was American. The translation started off calm, peaceful and professional…then….lets just say the conversation ended with 4 letter words I refused to repeat! That was a moment I will never ever forget, and I was glad I was behind a computer screen and not in person! ”

Judy’s success story can be yours, too!

If you’re interested in becoming a translator for VerbalizeIt, visit our translator page.

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