VerbalizeIt & Webflakes Partner to Break Down Language Barriers

Today we are proud to announce our newest partner: Webflakes. Webflakes is an innovative online destination for English readers to discover the best and latest in international lifestyle content from around the globe. Webflakes exposes readers to new, inspiring perspectives from influential international bloggers with authentic local perspectives.

Webflakes connects international bloggers to a crowdsourced community of multilingual individuals who utilize their translation skills to remove language barriers while simultaneously raising funds for global charities.

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Together, VerbalizeIt and Webflakes aim to make entering new cultures a seamless experience. When traveling, users can use the VerbalizeIt app to navigate their way to the local hotspots highlighted by Webflakes’ global community of bloggers. For example, if a reader learns about the best wines in the region via a local Webflakes blog, they could then use VerbalizeIt to help ask for that earthy malbec or smooth cabernet without facing language barriers.

Also, because of the amazing feedback we had from our #FoundinTranslation campaign, we are excited to reveal VerbalizeIt & Webflakes #FoundinTranslation Fridays. By checking in with VerbalizeIt every Friday, you will see our favorite Webflake image of the week, and the next place, restaurant, boutique, or experience that you can get #FoundinTranslation through. As we roll out the first stage of our partnership with Webflakes, we are excited to add yet another partner to help us break through language barriers.

Become fluent in Wine with Webflakes & VerbalizeIt’s first #FoundinTranslation Friday 

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