VerbalizeIt’s CEO Returns from Japan and Answers Some Questions

Last week our CEO and co-founder Ryan Frankel presented VerbalizeIt to several hundred business leaders in Tokyo, Japan. Japanese business leaders were impressed with our translation platform and live Japanese interpretation capabilities. The craziest part is that, this wasn’t the first time they’d heard of VerbalizeIt. Several of these same audience members had seen our PhoCusWright presentation from a few weeks ago. Here are a few questions and answers with Ryan about his trip to Tokyo.

Japanese Translation Verbalize It In Japan

Q. Who was at the Global Brain Alliance Forum? Did anything surprise you about who was in attendance? 

A. The Global Brain Alliance Forum was attended by Japanese enterprises, investors, thought-leaders and entrepreneurs. With hundreds of attendees, the Conference was a fantastic opportunity to introduce the VerbalizeIt translation platform and to engage with prospective customers and garner exposure overseas. Given the existing language barrier between several English-speaking presenters and most attendees (which required the use of a live conference interpreting system), our business focus was particularly salient and well-received.

Q. In listening to the other presentation and talking with other attendees, did you notice any trends or take away any valuable lessons?

A. The feedback from attendees was consistent with the major demographic theme we’re hearing from our existing customers: language barriers are pervasive and the rate of internationalization continues to vastly outpace improvements in language proficiency. Companies and individuals alike are looking for technologically sophisticated and low-cost solutions to navigate language barriers.

Q. What parts of your presentation were most well received? Why?

A. The role that the human element plays in translating language and cultural and situation context. The audience was well-versed in the challenges associated with machine translation and the headaches and costs of dealing with traditional brick and mortar translation agencies

Q. Last question, how was the food? 

A. Fantastic. I was fortunate to have several mornings to explore Japan on my own and found myself gobbling down local delicacies. The highlight of the food was an early morning visit to the Tsukiji Fish Market where I sampled fresh sushi. Sushi for breakfast, lunch and dinner, anyone?!

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