VerbalizeIt’s #FoundinTranslation Winner: Caleb Caple

Caleb In Italy

Hailing from Lake Charles, Louisiana, Caleb Cable is our #FoundinTranslation winner. In partnership with Rosetta Stone we celebrated VerbalizeIt’s success on Shark Tank by giving one lucky VerbalizeIt fan a chance to win a trip to explore the world. Caleb submitted the winning photo in our first annual #FoundinTranslation campaign of him and his brothers in Italy.

Now, a few weeks later, Caleb and his family are in Genoa, Italy, a country where Caleb went on his first church mission and became fluent in Italian. Caleb signed up for VerbalizeIt after he and his mother saw VerbalizeIt on Shark Tank. When asked to recall the story Caleb said, “I work for a TV station that sells commercials for ABC, Telemundo, and our news websites. We air Shark Tank and that is how my Mom and I found out about VerbalizeIt. I then took all the tests for Italian and have been translating for VerbalizeIt ever since!”

After signing up as an interpreter, Caleb realized that he was joining something more than a freelancing platform. “I’ve thought about translating before in addition to my day job but the work is hard to find and the process leaves something to be desired. VerbalizeIt is different. The moment I signed up I was put through a formal onboarding process and welcomed to a large community of passionate people which was great. I then noticed the big promotion for the #FoundinTranslation campaign and was able to take part in this great trip to Italy with my family!”

Italian Gelato

To follow along with Caleb’s trip and see where he’s going, what he’s eating and how he’s using VerbalizeIt, “like” VerbalizeIt’s Facebook page. To learn more about how to become a translator or interpreter visit our become a translator page. To see how you can use VerbalizeIt’s text, image, video, and audio translation services sign up.

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