VerbalizeIt’s Newsletter 6/18/2013

This past month has been a rollercoaster. Since appearing on national T.V. we’ve had a lot of attention. The New York Times ran a story on the growth of our business, Bloomberg T.V. invited our CEO to be interviewed and Businessweek wanted to know how we started a “feeding frenzy” on Shark Tank. We’re thrilled to say the least.

Scroll down to see everything we have going on below and as always, thank you for helping us break through language barriers.

-The VerbalizeIt Team

VerbalizeIt Featured in the New York Times

“It has been about a month since ABC showed the season finale of ‘Shark Tank,’ the reality show that gives entrepreneurs in search of financing a chance to plead their cases before five tough-talking investors, or ‘sharks.’ At VerbalizeIt…the effects of the show’s appearance can already be quantified.“ Catch our full write up on the front page of the New York Times business section.

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VerbalizeIt Featured on Bloomberg TV

Our co-founder and CEO Ryan Frankel discusses VerbalizeIt’s translation services with Pimm Fox on Bloomberg Television’s “Taking Stock.” Watch how we’re disrupting the language service industry.

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Businessweek: Wharton Grads Start a Feeding Frenzy on ‘Shark Tank’

After surviving Shark Tank, Businessweek points out that our “mobile translation app is now part of a full-service translation platform that delivers interpretation, document translation, and audio and video translation.” Catch our full Shark Tank episode and read the Businessweek article.

Ryan Frankel And Kunal Sarda On Shark Tank (200x119)

The World’s Best Interpreters!

“The reason you will always need humans – is that understanding local context, dialect, sarcasm and emotion is difficult. There’s so much that a machine cannot pick up on that humans are capable of picking up on.” Read the rest of our co-founder, Ryan Frankel’s thoughts in Reuters

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#FoundinTranslation Campaign

To celebrate our new partnership with Rosetta Stone®, we launched a #FoundinTranslation Campaign where you can submit a photo, encourage friends to vote and win a trip to explore the world. For every sign up, a dollar is donated to Children International to help children in poverty. Submit a photo
and sign up today!

As an added benefit we’re also offering you $100 off of Rosetta Stone®’s language learning software and 30 free minutes of VerbalizeIt live translation. That’s $150 value in language services. Get your coupon.

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Partners: How VerbalizeIt Scaled for “Shark Tank” by Outsourcing to Ideation

VerbalizeIt reached out to Ideation Inc., a startup-focused software development and web design agency, for guidance on how to prepare and scale their platform for 7 million viewers nation-wide. In only two short months, Ideation needed to help VerbalizeIt re-brand their marketing, launch an Android version of their popular iPhone consumer app, and build a scalable business platform and self-service dashboard for translation. The craziest part: they did it. See how

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Hungry for More? VerbalizeIt Partners with Menu Bolt

We’re proud to be partnering with the developers at Menu Bolt to help restaurants translate their menu into different languages. Tourist, business travels, and yes, even locals don’t always know how to read a menu. Menu Bolt and VerbalizeIt solve that.

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