VerbalizeIt’s Newsletter: Three Ways to Enter New Markets Without Language Barriers

This month we’re sharing advice on how to navigate the global marketplace. We’re showing you how to appeal to global markets, how to leverage strategic partnerships, and how to provide superior customer service without running into language barriers.

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Forbes: Three Ways to Appeal to a Global Market

Seventy-two-percent of consumers say they would be more likely to buy a product with information in their own language. Here are three things your company can do right now to make sure you stop missing the billions of people who do not speak English and the billions more who range from low to very low English proficiency.Common Sense Advisory Stats 72%

Wharton: Breaking The Language Barrier: Technology Is The Great Equalizer

We now have partnerships with American Airlines, Rosetta Stone, Inspirato (an American Express affiliate) and Skype (a Microsoft company). Considering that a year ago, we were a four-person company with 50 Spanish translators focused on keeping the lights on, we’ve come a long way. The natural question is how did we do it?

Truthfully, there is no magic bullet. But if you incorporate these themes, you’ll have a much better chance of finding your brand alongside the brands you want. Read on

VerbalizeIt Looks to Leap Language Barriers via a Network of Live Translators

Check out our CEO’s latest interview in Tnooz, Q: “Where do you see yourselves in 3 years time?” A: “Simply put, we want to make VerbalizeIt synonymous with translation. Whenever a traveller faces a language barrier or a business wants to better support an existing customer or acquire a new one, we want them to know that with VerbalizeIt, language barriers are a problem of the past.” Read the rest

Ready to Reach International Customers? and VerbalizeIt Answer the Call has led the web-based customer support revolution and now they’re leading us into the next frontier: globalizing customer service. Our seamless API integration allows to address customer concerns in any language. See how

Verbalize It Desk Integaration

Interpreting Emerging Markets: Why Translating Today Will Give You the Competitive Edge Tomorrow

In this white paper you’ll find three sections guiding you through how to successfully enter the global economy and grow your business. You will learn how to:

  • Embrace the uncertainty of the future of language
  • Earn the understanding of emerging market consumers
  • Bring out the best in your global workforce

Download your free copy today

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See How the Winner of the #FoundinTranslation Campaign Spent His Time in Italy

“VerbalizeIt sent me to Italy to see my Italian friends and I got to take my beautiful wife on the trip of a lifetime. From the beautiful Duomo of Milan, to art in Florence, to meeting friends and family in Genova and Rome, to seeing the Leaning Tower of Pisa, we had an amazing trip! Grazie Mille and viva VerbalizeIt!” Check out Caleb’s slide show  

 Found In Translation

See How Our Process Benefits Your Business

Have questions about how we operate? No worries, here’s how VerbalizeIt works in three easy steps:

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