What if you could flip a switch and reach 96% of the world?

Did you know that 96% of the world’s consumers live outside the US? Have you translated your website, mobile app, documents, audio or video files to reach them? Expand your customer base and check out our latest newsletter insights on how to embrace the global economy below. 

The Future Of Ls Ps

How To Translate and Localize Your Mobile App or Website

It’s critical that you keep two items in mind: content and knowledge. Here are the key benefits and challenges you’ll face…
Mobile App Translation and Localization

What the Future of Translation Services Holds

Earlier this month, we hosted a dozen language service providers in our first ever translation roundtable. Check out the trends in the industry and how they’ll impact your business…
The Future of LSPs

Forbes – From Upstart to Startup of the Year

Forbes came to us requesting that we share our 2013 milestones, failures, and lessons learned. After much deliberation, here’s what we came up with…
Milestones and Failures

Wharton – How to Prepare for an International Sales Pitch

We only had one shot to turn the heads of Fortune 500 employees. Get the inside scoop on how we prepared to take the stage and how we put ourselves in the best position to win…
International Sales Pitch

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