Why more companies should invest in website translation

Website translation is one of the most important considerations to make when you are reaching out to an international audience. Your consumers may still interact with your website if it is not in their native language, but site visitors are much more likely to purchase from your brand if the website has been translated.

So why are more companies not investing in translation services?

Turning to professional translation services that can localize your content is a great way to reach more international consumers, as these companies can improve your website and make it more accessible to your global audience. When it comes to website translation, there are various reasons your business should invest in high-quality service for its website.

1. It offers better SEO benefits
Search engine optimization is critical for not only reaching a greater number of potential consumers, but also for improving how your website appears in online searches conducted in other countries. When using an online translation software, such as Google Translate, many things can be lost through technology. Often, machine services cannot accurately convey your content's intended message, and your business may have lost SEO value in the process.

Quality translation and effective SEO practices go hand-in-hand.

Since many SEO key terms and phrases are determined by how people search for things online, they often vary by region. Using a translation service can make your SEO practices more efficient by taking both keywords and regional speech patterns into consideration when translating your website's content. 

2. Professional services frequently have low prices
While online translation software may be cheaper, the quality is generally lower. Hiring a human translator can drastically improve your content, but prices often vary by individual – and translating an entire website can cost thousands of dollars. 

Translation services are often cheaper than freelance translators.

Professional translation services, however, combine the low cost of translation software with the quality of human translation. Often, these companies charge by the word or by the minute, offering your business a more accurate glimpse as to what the translation will look like and how effective it will be for a specific audience. 

3. Companies with quality translation see higher revenue
Trusting a translation company to localize your website will cost your business money up front, but over time, this investment will pay off – significantly. Common Sense Advisory conducted a study in 2011 to discover how translation impacted the revenues of Fortune 500 companies. The firm discovered that companies that adapted their websites for international audiences were 1.5 times more likely to have higher revenue than those that did not. Rebecca Ray, a senior analyst at Common Sense Advisory, explained that translation can be directly linked to higher revenues for companies that use it on their sites.

Quality translation directly correlates with higher revenues.

"Our previous research has confirmed that people won't buy on the web if they can't understand a company's website," Ray explained. "However, until now, there has been no hard data to demonstrate whether an increase in funding for language services can actually drive additional revenue. Our current findings show that companies that invest in translation do indeed report higher revenues."

4. Translation services can reduce coordination costs
The complexities of your website's design and content can often be lost in translation. Hiring a human translator, coordinating schedules and keeping track of hours can be hectic, especially for small business owners who have equally pressing concerns to attend to. Additionally, the hidden costs of translating an entire website are often overlooked when taking on the venture with little knowledge beforehand.

Hidden coordination costs are accounted for with professional services.

This time and effort – as well as the coordination required along with it – are taken into account if you have invested in a translation service that specializes in website content. 

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