Why VerbalizeIt Is Greener Than Your Textbooks

Smartphones and tablets empower users in several ways. They are great tools for communication, organization, entertainment and information, but not many people stop to consider the great value some smartphone apps provide in terms of reducing our carbon footprint. VerbalizeIt is one of those apps.

VerbalizeIt is an exciting app that takes advantage of mobile technology and human intelligence to seamlessly bring together expert translators with the people who need them the most, anytime and anywhere they may find themselves in the world. While there is no shortage of pseudo-translator mobile apps available for different smartphones and tablets, VerbalizeIt does not limit users to the crude online translation tools that are just one step removed from foreign language dictionaries.

In a way, VerbalizeIt is bucking the trend of inaccurate machine translation by shifting the focus back to the value of human communication. With the VerbalizeIt app, smartphone users get the convenience of having an affordable and convenient live translation service at home or abroad. This is naturally a great idea for international travelers who can combine the power of wireless broadband communications with warm and friendly translators who are eager to help them.

VerbalizeIt is a True Eco-Friendly App

How does a human-powered universal translator mobile app contribute to environmental conservation? The first consideration is the company’s paperless business model that takes advantage of mobile technology and existing resources to cut down on the carbon footprint traditionally associated with travel guides and language phrase books. It is more affordable and environmentally friendly to use VerbalizeIt on a trip abroad than it is to carry around a print edition of a book that only contains a handful of foreign language expressions.

There is another important factor that makes VerbalizeIt a green, eco-friendly app: The developers and company directors are mindful of properly leveraging existing resources to avoid creating an unnecessary carbon footprint. For example, the company makes the VerbalizeIt mobile app across a variety of mobile devices to accommodate clients and translators, and all transactions are conducted on the Web. This means that translators do not have to commute to an office or file paper reports. They don’t have to use a company-issued device or buy a new one, either.

VerbalizeIt is committed to keeping business operations green and simple by sticking to a paradigm that is strongly supported by Reliant Energy: A company’s smart use and leverage of existing resources can significantly protect the environment and lower energy consumption by keeping its carbon footprint as low as possible.

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